AIRBNB – Simply the best and also safest way to travel anywhere!

AIRBNB – Simply the best and also safest way to travel anywhere!

The most beautiful places! In the centers of the coolest city’s! Plus a 100% peer reviewed sellers and 100% peer reviewed renters! That, in short, is the awesome power of AirBNB! Hotels hate the site and are lobbying everywhere to get it banned, but truly everybody else LOVES it! And for good reason. Since the dawn of the site. Ordinary people like you and me can travel anywhere we want for truly affordable prices. And not only do we pay much less, wherever we go with Airbnb, the person renting you his/her place is always there to help you get settled and find the best things to do and explore. When you rent someone’s house you don’t visit a city, you live in the city for a few days! You become part of the city because you’re truly amongst its people. You have real neighbors, a local supermarket to explore, etc! and it’s great!


Let’s face it! Hotels have become stale places with identical rooms, an absolute minimum of service and very often they have no character at all. They’re inflexible with check-in times, inflexible with check-out times and often. Very very expensive. If you think about the service they provide its crazy. Prices of over a 130,- a day are very normal in any popular city. So if you’re staying just 10 days you’re out 1300,- Just for a place to sleep. We all knew it was ridiculous for years, but the hotels had a virtual monopoly. Every year the prices went up and we had no alternative but to pay them.

AirBNB has finally broken this repulsive system wide open, making it possible for anybody on the planet to rent out there place for the fee that they think is fair. Its super safe because as a renter, you don’t pay directly to the person renting you his/her apartment. No you pay to AirBNB, which holds the money until you confirm (via their handy app) that you have checked in to the place you’ve rented and everything is ok. So it’s impossible to cheat people. Another added benefit is that both the renter and the providers of the places are openly peer reviewed. People are encouraged to give in-depth reviews of the places where they stayed and most people do this happily. So you can get a lot of very specific info on the place you’re thinking of renting and renters are also publicly reviewed by the people renting out their places. So if you misbehave, break stuff or leave the place a total mess. It will show on your account. This way other providers can avoid bad renters. I also find that the people renting out there places really do their very best to make your stay awesome! So far, every time I arrive they have provided some nice finger-food, some maps with nice places etc.


AirBNB is truly as transparent as glass. And it shows, clip and clear, that total openness and transparency is the absolute best and safest way to do things. So many hotels fake their war by publishing old photographs in glossy magazines. Once you arrive you find an old stink-whole of a hotel with a pool that looks like it had it’s glory day sometime in the late 70s.

AirBNB helps people in big cities pay there (often ridiculously high) rents by giving them the option to rent out their space if they go on a holiday themselves. So providers make a fair extra buck and we all get to enjoy having a fabulous apartment in the heart of Paris, Barcelona or New York!

Now it seems that the hotel lobby is focusing their anti campaign mostly on spreading the news that AirBNB is full of swindlers trying to steal your money. I would like to take this opportunity to say: This is absolute nonsense! In all the stories they spread they always quote people going deliberately around AirBNB’s systems. Paying people directly (to get a little extra discount) for huge villa’s for rent on new accounts with no renter reviews yet. In short: Dumb asses that first went and broke all the rules of AirBNB and then complain to AirBNB that they got swindled. Its really their own dumb fault. If you stick to the system, AirBNB is the absolute safest way to rent a place.

So: Super safe, great places in great locations for a fair price and with the extra benefit of getting that “feeling at home” feeling and making some new friends 🙂

In other words: AirBNB couldn’t be a better service if they wanted to!


Florian Rooz

June 23rd, 2014

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