Are you ready for the Noordi Gras PARADE DAY?!

Are you ready for the Noordi Gras PARADE DAY?!

Only 16 more days to go till the 15th of June! The first ever Noordi Gras festival PARADE DAY is upon us! Over the last 6 weeks Amsterdammers of all ages have been creating their costumes, building parade wagons and practicing their dance moves. Trumpeters have been rehearsing their battle cries, saxophone players have been working on their growls, drummers have been beating their snares raw, making sure the New Orleans rhythms are ingrained in their very being.

But are you ready to join the parade?

If you’re not in the know yet, here’s a recap and some tips to make sure you can attend the Festival parade in style!

1: What is the Noordi Gras parade?

Noordi Gras Festival parade is THE music carnaval parade of Amsterdam Noord. Based on the (in)famous Mardi Gras festival parade in New Orleans, Noordi Gras is all about music and dancing in the street. It’s about enjoying life and bonding with each other through dance and music. No DJs though! Noordi Gras is all about the live brass band. Screaming trumpets, puffing sousaphones, bittersweet saxophone lines and funky & bluesy rhythms that’ll have you moving and jumping in no time!

2: Where is this all taking place?

The parade bands starts at 4 different locations in Amsterdam Noord:

Location A: Cafe de Pont (Buiksloterweg 3-5 1031 CC Amsterdam)
Location B: Buurtcentrum de Meeuw (Motorwal 300 1021 PH Amsterdam)
Location C: NoorderparkKamer (Floraparkweg 1, 1032 BZ Amsterdam)
Location D: The parkinglot at cafe Ijzicht (Nieuwendammerdijk 413, 1023 BL Amsterdam)

You can join any of the four, it’s your choice. Around 15:00 the bands start playing and walking towards the central market square (Mosplein). Around 16:00 all the bands will be there and will form one large parade that walks through the Bloemenbuurt to the festival grounds at the Noorderparkkamer. There the bands will take to the stage one by one and continue the party till about 22:00.

3: What should I wear?

The crazier the better! Want to go as a wookie or a stormtrooper? Great! Or wear your tennis outfit or be an Arabian sjiek for a day. Whatever you decide to wear, be colorful and fun! and be ready to dance!


4: What are the costs?

There aren’t any! Everybody is free to join the parade! Drinks and food on the festival grounds are fairly priced also!

More info:

Life is good! Enjoy it!

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

May 30th, 2014

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