About Florian Rooz

Hi, and thank you for spying on me!

I’m really just a regular guy enjoying my life and work in Amsterdam. Though you probably know me from my YouTube channel “Hello Saxophone”, or (more recently) my book ‘How to learn anything 3 times faster‘ I’m also very involved in cultural entrepreneurship and business education.

Over the last decade I’ve been involved in a wide variety of cultural and business projects and I also started a few businesses of my own.

Today I find myself with one foot firmly in the business world, and the other firmly in the world of music & art. I do some consulting work through my agency In The Rooz, teach a business course at Knowmads Business school and of-course I play with my band and have recently also started to do some acting.

If you want to know more, just ask me. I’m a very approachable guy 🙂


With the ladies of the Red Dress Session
With style icon and jazz god Christian Scott
As king Agamemnon in “The blood of our children”.
Performing at the North Sea Jazz club
With The Neutral ground Brass band
Performing with Frank McComb
With José James

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