Black Dub – Fantastic album, Fantastic group!

Black Dub – Fantastic album, Fantastic group!

Time for the third name in my top 5 of non-mainstream music. This time I’m not focusing on a specific artist, but on a specific group and album called “Black Dub”. It’s an amalgam of dub, blues, soul and rock and the group consists of Daryl Johnson (bass), Trixie Whitley (vocals), Brian Blade (drums), and Daniel Lanois (piano, guitar). So am I praising the group or the album here? Well…Both are really good :). The Album is fantastic listen, and the group also often plays different things from each others individual repertoire, which only makes them more interesting to me.

Enjoy some of these few video samples below:

Florian Rooz

August 2nd, 2014

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