Concerto – Re-discover a REAL record store.

Concerto – Re-discover a REAL record store.

Record stores used to be like magic places. A cross between a candy store and professor Dumbledore’s office, but today most record stores are stale places without character. Too shiny, too light. and in most modern stores the people who work there couldn’t tell you much about any of the records they are supposed to be selling. Which is why most of these modern record places are going kaput and..

Which is why Amsterdam is fortunate to have Concerto! Ask any Amsterdammer for a list of his favorite stores and Concerto will often be a top of the list or at least in the top three. Concerto is one of those places that nurtures the soul by making us curious. It starts outside with the pull of the famous dark-red wooden panels that enclose the store. They catch the eye among the bustling mass that is the Utrechtse Straat and make you curious what’s inside.


Then there are the doors. Not made of fancy glass, not electric, no! These are just ordinary wooden doors with a handle, making us even more curious. Once you enter Concerto, you’ll immediately know you won’t want to leave this place for a while, because spread over what feels like a hundred nooks and crannies you’ll discover a sea of wonderful media. Concerto’s power is the combination of the magic of its atmosphere plus the power of a truly wide collection of every media you can imagine. From old obscure vinyls to the DVD box of HBO’s House of cards and everything in between. It’s all here waiting, inviting you to discover it.


Concerto is the kind of place people go to get away from it all. With it’s small passage ways, many staircases and split levels It’s a place to wonder around and get lost, wile soaking up all the different tittles and beautifully designed album-and-film covers.  I’ve never been in this store for less then 25 minutes and I’ve never left without discovering a new album or film title.

If you’re looking for inspiration. Go here!


Life is beauty, enjoy it!

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

June 22nd, 2014

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