The Marketing Masterclass

/ Jul

The Marketing Masterclass

Knowmads International Business school
All Day

The promise of this full day session is straight forward: If you implement the knowledge and skills we share in this ,full day, session, you will ,at minimum, double the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts!

A great product is nothing without great Marketing! If there is one place in business that, one could argue, “makes or brakes every business” it’s the marketing. Scores of mediocre products have become wildly successful due to great marketing campaigns, while sores of fantastic products have failed miserably because their marketing just wasn’t effective.

The one thing we find consistently present in every business success story in history is the presence of a great marketing campaign. So if there is one skill, every entrepreneur should absolutely master, its this one!

What you learn:

1: thinking from a positioning standpoint

2: The four essential marketing strategy’s

3: The anatomy of an effective marketing camping

4: An overview of the modern marketing machinery arsenal

5: Best practices for running and monitoring your campaigns

6: Long term brand management strategy and implementation

Be prepared to learn some things you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

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