The Faralda Crane hotel is…. well… Just see for yourself! :)

The Faralda Crane hotel is…. well… Just see for yourself! :)

The Amsterdam NDSM area is famous for it’s high concentration of creatives, crazy parties and festivals and its abundance of… well lets say…the Bodasity to: “just do it!” (Nike didn’t pay me to say this by the way). In the NDSM area, anything goes and in that light the Faralda Crane hotel could not be located in a more fitting place. It’s officially a hotel, but the Faralda has only three suites. What makes up for the lack of capacity, is the complete awesomeness of these three highly unique abodes. Not only do the rooms float high above the Amsterdam sky, they are all individually styled like an art project and spar an impressive Jacuzzi with a view of the whole city. Needles to say this hotel is not for those with a fear of heights, nor is it a good place to crash if you’re planning on coming home very drunk, but if you’re looking to step into a heavenly place among the clouds and just relax and reload with someone you love, the crane hotel would be a great place to do it.

Check out some of the features of these amazing suites below:

Faralda-crane-suite-3 Faralda-crane-suite-2 Faralda-crane-suite-1 Faralda-crane-suite-4

Faralda-crane-suite-6 Faralda-crane-suite-5 Faralda-crane-suite-7 Faralda-crane-suite-8

All suites have a hip bathtub and shower, a king sized bed and a lounge area overlooking the city. It’s also possible to walk in the crane outside of the rooms. The view does come with a price though. A single night in the Faralda will set you back between 400,- and 500,- euro’s.

Good to know: The boat that travels to the NDSM location from central station only operates until 12:30 each night, so after 12:30 the hotel is best reachable by Taxi (about 15 minutes from central station) or by bike (Using a different/all night ferry which docs a few km from the hotel +/-  15 minute bike-ride).

More info and booking:

Florian Rooz

August 15th, 2014

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