Funk op your sunday nights with the Wicked Jazz Sounds club night.

Funk op your sunday nights with the Wicked Jazz Sounds club night.

In a city that never sleeps, Sunday nights are meant for partying! But unlike the crazy Friday’s and Saturdays, when office dwellers from all over flood the clubs, Sunday evenings bring out the cool crowd. These are the nights when the free folks come out to play.

Creatives,  entrepreneurs, artists of every sort and of course tourists, who also don’t have to get up at 6:00 the next morning, tend to party rather differently then the office crowd. On Friday and Saturday people party to release, to get lose, to forget the woes of their week and clean the slate, but on Sundays people come out to play.! No pressure, no pretensions, you can actually walk from one end of the club to the other without having to struggle your way through the crowd, and the music is at about half the volume. So that pretty girl you’re talking to can actually hear what you’re saying when you ask her to dance with you.

How nice 🙂


Sunday events are, as a rule, also rather differently setup. Friday and Saturday are about loud music and crazy shows, Sundays are  about DJ’s that still mix with vinyl and about live musicians. On Sunday evenings Amsterdam is literally brimming with live music. The Wicked Jazz Sounds club night @ The Sugar factory is one of those typical, but amazing Sunday evening events you never knew you’re missing every week.

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The wicked Jazz crew was one of the first organizers to hit it off with the DJ + live musicians concept and as a result, the weekly WJS club night is now one of thé places to be if you’re partying in Amsterdam on a Sunday night. The crew is comprised of several DJ’s, a vocalist and (at least) three jazz/funk musicians (For example: Sax / Trumpet / guitar). All through the night this huge group of artists mixes it up for the dancing crowd. Improvising live over the hip beats and funky rhythms of the men behind the wheels of steel.

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What’s great about the WJS club night is the vibe. People are having fun. Most of the crowd here is not drunk or on anything else. They’re just out to play with their friends. The atmosphere that the musicians create through their continues collaboration on stage and also with the crowd is very contagions. This is one of those parties where you could genuinely dance the night away, just on the energy and fun that the band projects into the room.

So If you’re looking for some Sunday night fun, this is the place!

Door opens: 23:00
Open till: 05:00
Entrance: € 9,50

More info:

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Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

July 2nd, 2014

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