Get your skate on in Amsterdam

Get your skate on in Amsterdam

To be on a board, is to be alive and no matter if you ride it in the snow, on ocean waves or on city streets, it makes no difference to its universal value. This summer the skateboarding & long-boarding experience is coming back to entice us all in a big way. The long-board especially, seems to be one of thé big hipster items and activities this summer. Never before have I seen such a varied array of riders cruise my city. Old and young, rich and poor. All of them cruising in style!  And it’s not just in Amsterdam. On recent trips to: Paris, Barcelona, Lille, Moscow and Antwerp I observed the same trend. City parks and boulevards packed with boarders, gliding along, looking appropriately hip and ,no doubt, feeling pleasantly smug as they navigate the maze of pedestrians.

So where do you go if you wish to join the Amsterdam ranks of these fast moving, Mad Max-like mavericks?

‘The Skateboard store’ is truly a great name for a skateboard store 😉 And it’s not just the name that is well chosen. Its central location on the Nieuwe Dijk, no more than 5 minutes walking from central station, is very convenient too. And as if that wasn’t enough, its a true:” Anything you need for skating, we probably have it” kinda place. Lots of boards, lots of wheels, lots of trucks and of course a hefty inventory of stylish shoes, hip T-shirts and accessories.

So if you want to get your skate on in Amsterdam, this is the place!





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Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

June 4th, 2014

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