Lounging in the Amsterdam skies!

Lounging in the Amsterdam skies!

Like lounging? Like high places with a view? Than Skylounge might just be thé place for you! Situated on the 11th floor of the Double tree (by Hilton) hotel right next to Amsterdam central station, The Skylounge is exactly what the name suggests. A big, super comfy lounge and restaurant with a view to die for. From the Sky terrace you can literately see all of Amsterdam. And while you’re enjoying the view, it doesn’t hurt that the double three has an excellent selection of wines and food to chose from.
I’ve been here quite a few times now, even performed here once, and I must say I like the vibe. Skylounge is a classy place and it’s pricey too, but not extravagantly so. When you come and hang out here you can expect: well dressed hipsters, a lot of classy dames, a celeb or two and a random selection of tourists making lot’s and lot’s of pictures with their phones. The interior is very cozy with a number of modern lounges interspersed with classy old fashioned smoking chairs. Personally I find the interior just a tiny bit too far over on the modern side, but that’s probably more due to the various necessity of keeping a big place like this efficient to run.

Finding the entrance is often a bit of a challenge for first timers. There is no separate entrance or any obvious signs on street level. Basically you just have to walk into the Double tree hotel and take the elevator up to the 11th floor.


For the music loving loungers among us: Every first Friday of the month there is a Rooftop Session in the Skylounge. With various famous artists performing and usually some jamming afterwards.

AVG Drinks      € 6,25 / € 12,-
Dinner € 80,- / € 250,- or much higher if you want  (2 persons)
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Life is good!

Enjoy it!

Florian Rooz


Florian Rooz

June 5th, 2014

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