Maiden trip is a MUST SEE! A first hand look on-baord the extraordinary trip of a true heroin!

Maiden trip is a MUST SEE! A first hand look on-baord the extraordinary trip of a true heroin!

Laura dekker, alias “the sailing girl” was born on a boat during a sailing-trip near New Zealand. So it’s no surprise the girl has salt running in her veins and picked up sailing herself at a very young age. At just 12 years old she voiced her great dream of becoming the youngest ever to circumnavigate the globe and, much to her own suprise, many rallied to her cause. As she was preparing for her daring adventure she just made the slight mistake of “wanting to inform her school of her plans”. Some idiot got concerned and informed an official, then government officials became afraid they might be held accountable if something went wrong on the trip, and just a few weeks later Laura and her dad were suddenly sued by child protective services who were basically trying to declare Laura insane and get her dad discharged from custody for supposedly being an unfit parent. You can imagine the field day the media were having as they buried Laura and had the whole country voicing there opinions on whether she should be allowed to go or not.

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But Laura was anything but insane and her dad was anything but unfit to take care of his daughter. For eight months they bravely battled the ignorant government officials who demonstrated time and time again that they knew as much about responsible parenting as they new about sailing.. The situation got so hopeless that Laura actually decided to flee one night. She took her boat and sailed to Sint Maarten on her own, but got arrested by the police there and sent back to Holland. You might suspect that this was the final straw for a brave girl’s dream, but the whole incident actually put in perspective what officials and even the prime minister hadn’t wanted to acknowledge until then. Laura is an impressive sailer with the iron will of a lion!

Another court battle was fought, but this time the court ruled there was no law that could stop laura from making here trip, provided she wouldn’t get behind on her school. Even though many of the demands made by the officials were nothing short of ridiculous, Laura and her family decided to be the bigger persons and they worked their way through a number of unnecessary (and no doubt costly) extra tests and evaluations to satisfy the Dutch officials.


AND THEN SHE WENT!: In this new documentary “Maiden trip” we follow Laura on her amazing voyage around the globe. And when I say amazing, I really do mean exactly that! If you’ve ever held the rudder of a sailing-boat at sea, which I have, you know it’s exiting, but also rather scary. To imagine doing that at 13 years old and sailing the biggest and baddest oceans on the entire planet all by yourself, puts in perspective the enormity of what Laura has dared to try. And in the end she achieved her goal with style!


Besides the inspiring power of Laura’s achievement the doc also shows in a very real way, how incredible small minded Dutch sociality has become. Once a  land of true explorers and grand ideas, but now clearly a country ruled by indecision and pettiness. As becomes painfully illustrated with Laura deciding to strike the Dutch flag of her boat and sail under the New Zealand flag from now on. Its shows how an entire country succeed in alienating a young heroin who could (and should) have been a symbol of their strength in these times of crises. Instead: The Dutch pettiness, bureaucracy, complete lack of empathy and inability to recognize someone with a truly unique opportunity amongst there midst, ended up pushing Laura away. She even decided not to finish her tour in The netherlands. Instead she finished in Sint Maarten.


All in All this Doc is just a must see! Truly an inspirational achievement!

And it’s only on-line (for free) till the 27th of June so hurry up and don’t miss this chance!

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Life is beauty! Enjoy it!

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

June 24th, 2014

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