The Nel Sessions (pop & Jazz) The hipster open stage of Amsterdam!

The Nel Sessions (pop & Jazz) The hipster open stage of Amsterdam!

If your visiting Amsterdam and you’re a lover of music, the Nel sessions are an absolute must see! Whether you visit on Monday night (Jazz) or Tuesday night (pop) is up to you, but make sure you visit at least one of them, because you’re guaranteed a cozy evening full of musical surprises.


Nel is located, snug as a bug, in the basement of the old church on the Amstelveld. Over the last 5 years the owner worked together closely with several groups of great musicians to grow the sessiosn into what they are today. Simply put, the Monday night Nel sessions (jazz) are Thé high end music sessions in town. You can expect some of the best Dutch, and often also international, names in Jazz congregating and playing here. The evening is presented by Dutch piano virtuoso Daan Herweg who’s well known for working with a number of Hollands most famous jazz and pop acts. The opening band varies every week so you never know who you’ll get to see and hear, but at Nel, you can always count on two things 1: There will be great music and 2: there will be some unexpected guests dropping in to play with the band.


On Tuesday nights there is a Pop Session at Nel presented by Anika IJdo and her band. Naturally the audience on these evenings is a bit younger and the level of the music varies a bit more, but it’s also great fun and a lot of young pop talent in the city finds its way to the Nel stage every Tuesday. Same as Monday, you never know who might walk in and sit-in with the band.


Besides the cozy bar-area where the music takes place, Nel also features a very nice restaurant-area with a fine menu and wine cart. Nel is a classy place, but not “too fancy” or stuck up in any way. The atmosphere is cozy and laid back, the food is excellent and the staff is very friendly and down to earth. I’ve been coming here for years myself and will keep coming for years to come.

AVG Drinks      € 2,50 / €5,-
Dinner € 40,- / € 80 ,- (2 persons)

Some video impressions below:

Florian Rooz

May 29th, 2014

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