Time for Roozes!

Time for Roozes!

Hi and welcome to my site.

In a way life is like a bed of roses. You have to watch out for a thorn here and there, but if you know what you want, there are many beautiful things to be seen and experienced. In a way this site is dedicated to the rozes. The good things in life!

The tagg line kinda says it all I hope. Besides my own music, and regular reviews of music I love, you will find blogs here about: my travels, new and old great restaurants and interesting places, cool art, gadgets and other wannahaves and who knows what more!.

If you have some suggestions or if you are the producer or owner of ,something you would like me to review or try, please shoot me an email at

Life is good! enjoy it!


Florian Rooz

May 21st, 2014

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