Van Dijk en ko & Neef Louis – Vintage furniture heaven!

Van Dijk en ko & Neef Louis – Vintage furniture heaven!

If you’re looking to score some quality vintage stuff, it’ll be hard to find a better place than: Van Dijk en & ko & Neef Louis. The two Amsterdam vintage mega-stores are located directly across from each other on an old industrial lot in the heart of the hip north side of Amsterdam, close to the popular NDSM festival grounds. The stores are distinctly different, but both have a wide range of vintage waiting to be discovered.

Neef Louis focuses mostly on newer vintage stuff, meaning the 40’s/50’s and upwards. You’ll find an incredible amount of authentic: vintage chairs, small furniture like: Light fixtures, classic phones and radios, but also unexpected junk like old pilot helmets, complete restaurant bars, cinema chairs, cheesy salon tables, old record players and much much more.

Of the two stores Neef Louis is by far the priciest. Personally I often find the prices at Neef Louis even unrealistically high. Yes, they do have the occasional real piece of history in store and it’s only fair they ask a good price for those type of (hard to find) pieces, but often I find them asking starting prices for truly (old) junky items starting upwards of 300,- for Items I wouldn’t pay more then 10,- for at any regular second hand market. So keep your eyes open here and make sure to always negotiate hard before you buy!

A few impressions of Neef Louis (The inventory changes fast so going into Neef Louis is always a nice surprise).

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Van Dijk en Ko has a completely different but equally impressive inventory, focusing more on items with a timeless appeal.  This store is much more a real “Brocanteur” in the French sense of the word. The old silo is a perfect place for all this stuff. Their range runs from: old office cabinets to chairs that seem to come straight from some Hungarian palace up in the mountains.

Prices at Van Dijk en Ko are truly fair. This store is not cheap, but that’s not to be expected since most pieces are made of real wood and are handmade, meaning most of this furniture (unlike your Ikea closet) will easily last a lifetime. The ever friendly staff is always close by and happy to aid in your quest for that one unique piece. Negotiating is also not to be avoided here. you can often score a good deal, especially if you’re buying multiple items.

Some impressions from Van Dijk en Ko (inventory changes fast as well so if you want something ‘being quick’ is generally advised!)

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More info: /

AVG price per Item Neef Louis – € 250,- / € 700,-

AVG price per Item Van Dijk en Ko – € 75,- € 600,-

Life is good! enjoy it!

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

May 27th, 2014

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